Hiring a skip is one of the most efficient ways to deal with your rubbish, whether you’re clearing out commercial premises or just doing some DIY.

But with so many shape and sizes on the market how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right on?

TPC North, the experts in demolition and skip hire, provide this handy guide to choosing the right size for you.


Domestic use

If you’re just clearing out a kitchen or a bathroom, you won’t want a giant commercial-sized skip blocking up the street.

However it’s possible to hire a much smaller skip which is more proportionate to the waste you’re getting rid of.

In most cases a 6 yard skip is ample for house clearances or for taking away hardcore and soil from building work. Cupboards, wardrobes and other bulky items can all be broken down and fitted inside easily.

To give some idea of scale, you can fit approximately 50-60 wheelbarrows full of rubbish inside a 6 yard skip; that equates to approximately 6 washing machines.

For most people, a small skip will have sufficient room for all of their domestic clearance needs.

Heavy domestic use

In a few cases, a small skip won’t be sufficient to contain all the rubbish from a house which means that a larger size will be needed.

An 8 yard skip is the size of eight washing machines and can fit in approximately 70-80 wheelbarrows full of rubbish.

Most home DIY-ers won’t need to hire a skip this big as it’s normally only used by tradesman carrying out a lot of clearance work. A skip designed to hold heavy domestic waste is particularly useful if there’s a large or bulky items. It’s also ideal for garden rubbish or waste which is heavy.demolition-and-skip

Trade use

Larger skips are available too, and a huge 12 yard skip is a mammoth beast which is perfect for tradesman carrying out big jobs.

Whether it’s a complete renovation or a big construction project, the large skips will be able to take waste which wouldn’t fit into the smaller ones. Large quantities of metal, wood and total rip-outs might need to use a skip of this size as well as waste which is particularly bulky.

You can fit 12 washing machines or up to 110 wheelbarrows full of rubbish into this size so there’s plenty of capacity for large quantities of waste.

Plan your next project

If you’re planning to do some DIY, whether it’s refitting a kitchen or a bigger construction project, you can forget about the hassle of having to cart all the waste away. For all your skip hire needs, you can find them here at the most competitive prices.

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