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If you are looking for asbestos removal Manchester we at TPC North can help. Please read on to see what we are about and how we can help.

Most people have heard of asbestos and are aware that it’s a material which has the potential to cause lethal injuries and disease. But did you know you might have some in your own building?

Asbestos has not been used in the UK construction industry for many years but it was once commonplace and included in all kinds of structure, both commercial and residential. Therefore, if you are in an older property there’s a good chance that there may still be asbestos around you.

Although asbestos can be a killer when the fibres are breathed in, if it’s left intact and undisturbed, it won’t cause any harm. However, if you’re trying to remove it or carry out some DIY on an area that contains asbestos you could be putting yourself at risk.

According to UK law, the responsibility of managing any asbestos lies with the person that owns the property. This also means disposing of it properly and not just throwing it away with general waste.

Therefore, if you need to handle any material which contains asbestos, or you want someone to come and check if there’s any asbestos in your building, you will need the experts: TPC North.


Industry experts

It’s imperative that asbestos is handled properly in order to avoid exposing anyone in the building to any unnecessary risks. TPC North are one of the leading asbestos removal companies in Manchester, who have years of experience in managing both domestic and commercial asbestos removal.

We have worked on a wide range of asbestos removal projects including with private homeowners as well as local authorities. With the very latest in cutting edge technology and equipment, TPC North are able to deal with any asbestos quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of hassle.

We offer asbestos removal services all over the north west of England. Regardless of what project you want managed, we guarantee we will deal with your asbestos safely and dispose of it in a lawful, responsible and environmentally-friendly way.

All asbestos removal Manchester projects considered

TPC North are the experts in managing both commercial and domestic asbestos work. We have the experience to deal with asbestos tiles removal, asbestos rainwater goods removal or asbestos garage removal, or any other kind of asbestos project.

We work closely alongside architects, demolition companies and health and safety consultants to make sure all regulations are complied with and clear reports and plans are provided. During every project we also liaise closely with our clients at every step, so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening.

The asbestos removal company you can trust

When it comes to asbestos, you can trust TPC North to provide a reliable, rapid and professional service at a price that won’t break the bank. Available 7 days a week to help manage all of your asbestos removal needs, we guarantee to provide friendly customer service backed by asbestos expertise you can trust.

If you’re in Manchester or the north west and need some help with asbestos, give us a call on 0161 228 5746 or email us on