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Some buildings age beautifully but others become unsafe or crumble away, causing an eyesore. Getting rid of the old structure makes way for the land to be used for new buildings but this kind of work needs to be carried out by the professionals. Covering all of the north west, TPC North are one of the leading demolition Manchester experts..

Professional demolition Manchester service

TPC North are the experts in all aspects of demolition, from large multi-storey structures to single storey buildings. Previous demolition projects they have completed successfully includes commercial, industrial and residential work as well as tearing down structures located in the heart of the city where the lack of space makes a safe demolition more challenging.

When a demolition is needed, it’s not simply a case of hiring TPC North to rip down the structure as soon as possible. Because of their many years of experience, TPC North can help you to plan a safe and legal demolition. Each demolition needs to be considered individually, taking into account the impact on the environment, safety and also the desired timescale.


Experts in all types of demolition

Buildings that need to be demolished may range from residential homes and commercial office blocks to bridges, schools, sports stadium or even a church. Because of the wide variety in the type of structure and its location, TPC North use a variety of methods to make sure each demolition is managed properly.

Demolishing tower blocks can be a particularly complex project, and one that should only be attempted by very experienced contractors. TPC North have managed lots of tower block demolition projects in and around the Manchester area. Different techniques must be used such as remote demolition via controlled explosives and reducing the height incrementally via “down topping” rather than collapsing the whole structure at once.

Industrial properties are another challenging type of structure to demolish because additional factors such as decontamination and dismantling heavy plant needs to be considered first. TPC North has the expertise to manage the whole demolition project even where the industry involves chemicals, food, petrochemicals or nuclear fuel.

Regardless of the type of demolition project, TPC North will make sure the job is expertly planned and carried out to the highest possible standards. Safety and environmental conservation remain a priority at all times, and if you need some help with the paperwork, we can give you a hand getting the proper documentation too.

What every demolition includes

No matter whether the job is big or small, we take our responsibilities as a demolition contractor very seriously. With every project we work on, we will provide:

• Construction phase plans
Environmental plans
• Site waste management plans
• Site specific method statements

This set of documents allows all the relevant information to be gathered and clearly set out including risk assessment and mitigation, traffic management controls, permits, sound monitoring and health and safety.

If you are in need of an outstanding company to carry out demolition Manchester work, give us a call today on 0161 228 5746 or email us at for a no-obligation chat.